October 13th, 2006

abstract butterfly

my dogs love toys

This week Bea and Ted got new toys. Their old toys go wherever old dog toys go, although Bea, Ted and I all believe that dogs secretly enjoy playing with toys long after they deserve consignment to the kingdom of misfit toys.

The small stuffed creatures included both hippo and rhinoceros. I am not sure if the hippo is wearing a tutu--perhaps he just looks capable of donning one at any minute.

Ted's toy play features a lot of gnashing of teeth and chewing. She is more like a Russian weightlifter than a sprinter. Bea, by contrast, prefers tennis ball toss, for which she has an Olympian appetite.

Ted knows how to make the toys go "squeak". Bea watches, longingly, as Ted elicits this sensation noise from stuffed zoo co-conspirators.

Ted sports fewer teeth than she did in younger days. I remember when she was our upstart young dog, making her way in a new household with our dear Scout. Now she is the old hand, and Bea bursts through the room with a seemingly boundless energy.

In the Autumn they sometimes retire to our postage-stamp patio to enjoy the morning air.
They love to eat Wasa crackers. Bea begs, a bit, when bananas are on offer.

Bea's health and weight improved when her vet put her on hypo-thyroid medication. Ted soldiers on as ever.

Our dogs paint my life in watercolors.