October 5th, 2006

abstract butterfly

recipe corner

I love browsing old books. Project Gutenberg is a delight for this sort of thing.
Take this recipe, for example, from an 1884 edition of "The Prairie Farmer":

"SOFT GINGERBREAD: One cup butter and two cups sugar well worked
together, three eggs well beaten in, one cup New Orleans molasses, one
cup good sweet milk and five cups of flour into which has been stirred
one teaspoonful baking powder, not heaped, two tablespoonfuls ground
cinnamon and one tablespoonful ground ginger. Bake in small dripping
pans not too full, as they will rise".

This makes me feel as if I were home at Christmas, crisp morning, the scent of Scotch pine, red and green tinsel from street lights, muzak about sleigh bells.

I must figure out, someday, if we have any dripping pans.