September 19th, 2006

abstract butterfly

no 12 angry men

I live in a suburban county whose county seat is thirty miles north of Dallas. Monday I got summmoned for jury duty.

You might imagine, if you wish, that the space between this sentence and the prior sentence is the space in which I normally would discuss how lawyers never get picked for juries. I actually got picked as a juror once, in a robbery case involving gang members with names like "Mouse" which hovered somewhere between bad tv movies about gangland and Damon Runyon.

This time, though, I was a juror in the same sense that a three minute egg is an egg. I showed up at 12something for my 1:00 appearance time. At 1:03, they announced that all the cases settled, and we had done our jury duty. Color me pleased. Call me "Mouse".

I like doing my duty, but I must confess I like doing it in three minute doses, too.
abstract butterfly

Call for participation

My friend and LiveJournal collaborator verian work assiduously at an upcoming project--founding a netlabel. It is our great secret, now revealed. We're quite along on this project, because Verian is amazing.

Our netlabel will, as netlabels often do, release music for free download under Creative Commons licenses. People will get to download our artists' music for nothing.

It occurs to us that we will want a few album covers made for our musical artists. An "album cover" in this context need not be elaborate, but can be as simple as a photo or drawing or graphic work.

In the past, a kind friend or my own photographic skills have served me well in the album cover line. But it occurs to me that some of you might enjoy doing as we are doing--sharing our art with others under Creative Commons licenses--creating something intriuging, and then releasing it like a bird or butterfly.

Would anyone care to indulge a deep, burning desire to do album covers? We'll have a few releases in the coming year, and eventually we might enjoy having the help.

No pressure, no hassle, no expectations--if it's fun for you, chime in...if not, certainly carry on.
abstract butterfly

Central Expressway

This morning I awoke at 4 a.m. Lacking anything more pressing to do, I began to create a music remix. I have been listening to a lot of cool minimalist chill lately from netlabel artists. I wanted to do something with some beats in it, as my ghastly, banal tragic present includes the fact that I like it that people podcast me more when I do things that have a good beat and can be danced about to by the imaginative.

I like it when my song shows up on podcasts. Why not write one with an automotive theme? It's true that such an effort might not win the universal love of my fellow remixers, who might want a song to have verve, imagination, and tons of synth lines.

Not me. I wanted beats, and cars. Beats and beeps. Beats and honks. Beats and sirens. Beats and traffic.

I wanted to take "Central Expressway", our clogged main artery, and put it into music.

If you wish, you can hear my odd but fun effort here:


I hope it pops up in a podcast about eastern European automobiles, or Austins.