September 9th, 2006

abstract butterfly

Drawing for Children.

Last night I discovered the freeware program "Drawing for Children".

It offers a lot more features than does, say, MS Paint. It also offers an interface designed to be so simple even a literally illiterate child can use it with ease.

I am always grateful to people who design and make available programs to download such as this one:

So I sent a note of thanks, and then began to draw buildings and fireworks. Also, guppies.
abstract butterfly

Wood Duck Trail

This morning I went to the Heard Natural Science Center in nearby Fairview. I walked along its trails, through riparian woodlands and creekside wetlands, with smatterings of prairie admixed along the way.

I listened to my little pocket mp3 player, which was playing jfox's Experimental Works Volume 3 from
Intelligent Machinery Dot Net, a wonderful, somnolent bit of slow, dark ambience, which was a meditative, pleasant and leisurely listen, available as a free download (a higher quality mp3 is the grand sum of 1 dollar 50 cents).

To my delight, the Heard opened a new woodlands trail, the Wood Duck Trail, which uses a wooden boardwalk to give one an overview of wetlands. I had already had the delight of ample birdsong on the Hoot Owl Trail, and the butterflies hovering about the new mile-long wetlands trail was an added delight.This brings the Heard's public trail system up to four miles, which is a good morning outing.

I took some pictures.

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