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August 13th, 2006

Ever since I friended the "gardening" community, I've been struck by how very many lovely pictures of plants people post. I've also got a couple of Livejournal friends who take artistic quality photos of their gardens, to the delight of all. My own skills, few in number, run in other directions.

Our own garden proved quite delightful this year, even as the segue from August scorch to September Autumnal splendor is at hand. We have lovely native plants I bought at the Heard Natural Science Center annual sale back in April,which bloom notwithstanding drought, to the delight of all. Our unexpected sunflowers, though, products of stray birdseed, have themselves moved to seed stage and largely yet dearly departed.

If you'd like to see the garden of my imagination, however, I invite you to bring along your popcorn and report to the Flower Art Exhibition.