July 25th, 2006

abstract butterfly

10 thoughts

1. I'd rather be a Goodwill blimp than a McDonald's blimp.
2. I wish there were a Goodrich blimp.
3. I believe it's possible to have a turkey sandwich on a french roll for 500 days straight.
4. I am certain it's possible to have sushi 2 nights in a row. I suspect that if I lived in Japan, it would not even be worth remarking about.
5. Any scenery based on pine trees, rolling hills and feral mimosa trees appeals to me.
6. I am not very good at cryptic, but I like the way an idea can hover, unresolved, like a shimmering aurora.
7. I closed my eyes during a daydream, and saw a shimmer of light. I love the way imagination works--certainly my favorite anti-depressant.
8. Sense of proportion. A lesson for world peace.
9. I find I often fail to notice what irritates others intensely.
10. I love being weeks from 47, and yet never imagining I am that age. Middle age is less a prison than I imagined, and more a kind of lake retreat.