July 4th, 2006

abstract butterfly

brief holiday

We went for an evening out last night at a gathering sponsored by my wife's friends, who were once among the special number of people who served as Doublemint Twins in commercials. I like the photos on their wall, which feature "the Twins with Liberace" and "the Twins with Steve Majors".
I also like the photocollage of the scene by scene depiction of their Doublemint commercial.

A man brought a guitar, and proved to be one of those maddeningly skilled self-taught "I never took a lesson" guys. I am always intrigued at what songs I know by heart and what songs I don't.
I know "Leaving on a Jet Plane" right down to the nibble of the kibble, but get lost in the chow on "Black Magic Woman". Needless to say, I know "Sweet Home Alabama" by heart, and yet cannot do much more than the chorus of "Amarillo by Morning".

I sold a huge fish tank on eBay, clearing a needed space in my spare room.

Today I take a holiday, and wish everyone a pleasant day.