May 29th, 2006

abstract butterfly

drought on memorial day

I began my day by practicing taking footage with my new video camera of our dog Bea. I am not happy with the results, but plan a Bea-stamentary (and a Tedstamentary, for that matter) soon. I also played with some musical notions, posting the result at, and killed time generally.

Late this morning I drove to Lake Lavon, fishing pole on board. When I arrived, the lake had receded so much due to the lingering drought that I soon found myself documenting more than fishing. I shot a fair bit of video footage, which I have assembled into a short film, called "Drought in North Texas". It's not well-shot, but it shows the story of that portion of my hike well. It's located at:

Then I drove to Sister Grove Park, where I took pictures of flowers with my camera and enjoyed a pleasant walk. Although some late Spring/early Summer flowers are in bloom, the showing remains consistent with the drought--much less impressive than usual.

On the drive home, NPR played a moving Memorial Day show comprised of interviews with Pacific campaign World War Two veterans, which was heart-breaking and real.

This afternoon my wife, my sister-in-law and I went to a Mexico City style taqueria for soft tacos and then went to see the film "Friends with Money", which we all enjoyed.

I came home to find that one of my remixes, "Freedom (Techno Plano Mix)" has been featured in a podcast by a German fellow, Uwe Hermann, in his podcast at:


Tonight I watched part of the movie D-Day, and then figured out how to capture the video from my camera into my computer.

I know that one is technically not supposed to say that one had a "happy" Memorial Day, as one should strive for a "meaningful" one (whatever one's feelings about such days), but I must admit that I had a good one. I am not fully rested, even yet, but I am one day to the good.