May 25th, 2006

abstract butterfly

label my life

Remember label-makers? They're the best. One can log in little letters onto little adhesives,and define everything. In my world, a lot of things are best undefined, but many things define quite nicely.

I wish I had a label-maker which made flat letters, not those little raised letters. Then I could label the top of CDs without having to use software, strange printer paper, or that odd thing called Lightscribe on my computer. I could just print out little tapes with artist title and album title and pop it atop the CD. I know somewhere sells these, no doubt for $ 5.95. But I have not found them yet. It's good to be Diogenes, searching for a label, though, and I am competent I will find an honest-to-goodness flat labelmaker. I like the tactile sensation of gripping the labels, and making letters appear. It's not unlike writing bad poetry.