May 21st, 2006

abstract butterfly

Plant Invaders

Yesterday we had a glorious day at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden, which I will describe in depth later.

This morning I had a burst of insomnia. I went on-line, and found myself hunting freeware. I found
UnFreez, a drag and drop GIF animator which made creating animations easier than ever. I sat down at MS Paint, drew up some forty nine images,
ran them through UnFreez, and then assembled a movie from the results with the Windows Movie Maker, adding one of my songs "Muscovy Ducklings Strut", as the soundtrack.

I placed the resulting animation, Plant Invaders, at It's my first foray into animated film, a fervent message film about the good cause of native plant propagation. I enjoyed making the simple animation,and look forward to doing more complex pieces.