May 20th, 2006

abstract butterfly

Worthless words workshop remix

I often notice how I have basically twelve things to say in this journal, and spend a great deal of time saying those things over and over. It's a lot like being really good at playing "This Old Man" on a twelve-tone glockenspiel, and therefore playing it over, and over. And over.

Perhaps an even more direct form of rerun is to take an old journal post from the "memories" section, and set it to music as a spoken word piece. It may be that "sweeps" season is not over on television, and thus such remaindering is inexcusable. But I offer in mitigation that I heard a wonderful set of bell-like tones by the Belgian artist Click, who records, as do I, on When I had morphed and mangled his bells into a new piece, I felt that all that was missing was words. Worthless words, one of the seven principles of my theory of poetry:

Gurdonark spoken word piece: Worthless Words Workshop, with grateful thanks to Click of DiSfish and for a wonderful bell sample.