May 2nd, 2006

abstract butterfly

lightning electrical exhibition

Yesterday after a solid day of work, I began to play lightning chess. Lightning chess is chess played at absurd speeds, with each side allotted one minute to make all one's moves. Most games are not decided by checkmate but by one running out of time, and yet it is not possible to merely make nonsense moves quickly, as one is apt to get checkmated if one does so.

I'm not very good at things that require me to move quickly, but I am gradually improving at lightning chess. Chess is like a small world that two people create, which functions with its own logos and grace, and which often amounts to error and fumbling,but sometimes achieves a truly artistic interlude.

I'm reading a sci-fi in which corporate raiders actually kill one another in overwrought car duels, which has surprised me by holding my interest sufficiently to justify perhaps even finishing the book. Sometimes, though, I wonder if beginning my sci-fi reading in an age just after the Golden Age didn't ruin me for airport fiction sci-fi.

I'm also combing project gutenberg for public domain texts, for a half-conceived future recording project.

Gurdonark remix--"Electrical Exhibition"
Samples from Click at, Alchemist Jack, Black Sun Laboratories, Lo Tag Blanco, Vice President Garrett Hobart,
Chuck B and Gurdonark's "Apologia", which features JK Brooks' Opus Sinister in C Minor.