April 2nd, 2006

abstract butterfly

salad rolls

Today I took Ted and Bea to Allen Station Park, where we all but had the walking trails to ourselves. We saw
butterflies, a toddler child walking on the old dam with her father, and a plethora of truly fascinating poles, trees and other canine landmarks.

I'm now Voyaging with the Dawn Treader, and will soon move on to book 4. I had my worst Weight Watchers week since I began the program, gaining 4.8 pounds in 2 weeks. The culprit? Blame it on citrus. It's a long story, but not a story for this journal. I am not discouraged, and after all, there was also the mararoon incident. I like that sense that a poor result stems directly from a poor set of choices. Change my choices, change my life.

Next weekend, I hope to go west. Tonight, we bought marigolds, petunias,and other things I cannot recall. Next weekend is the Heard Native Plant sale. Right now, I'm listening to the Mara's Torment free netradio show on live365.com. See also www.marastorment.com--not a bad listen at all.

My nephew and I had lunch today at Pei Wei, a chain Asian restaurant. They do a charming and healthy Vietnamese "salad roll", which was no doubt healthier than last night's yeasty roll during a wonderful seafood dinner with my wife, my brother and my brother's wife.

Spring is now in full session here, but we got only a week or two of 70s weather, and have already progressed into the 80s. No carpets of wildflowers yet--I hope they arise by next weekend, when I hope to road trip west.
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    weight gained: 4.8, total thus far: 56.7 lost