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February 18th, 2006

stating the obvious

Time to close Guantanamo Bay. Long past time, actually.
Time to end warrantless wiretaps not authorized by statute.
Time to stop focusing on birdshot stories that don't matter, and resume focus on stories that do matter. Best wishes to the poor fellow shot.
Time to stop cutting taxes in a time of crisis.
Time to support alternative media, as mainstream media, whether news or entertainment, no longer meets the need.
Time to rebuild the levees.
Time to root out the wrongdoers in the Abramoff bribery scandal.
Time for the national media to pick up the Tom Noe story
Time to listen to the career generals on the ground, devise an endgame strategy, and implement it.
Time to stop allowing ideologues re-enact "The Quiet American".
Time to focus on budget deficits rather than smoke and mirrors.
Time to focus on a workable national health care reform.
Time to implement a long-term alternative fuels plan.
Time to return to a presumption of public schools, public libraries, public safety, public safety net.
Time to defend freedom of speech.
Time to vote.