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January 21st, 2006

a steelhead on the roof

Today we went to a library in Plano, where a fellow with that non-profit for investment clubs gave a talk about securities investments, and in particular when to sell. We somehow got the time wrong, so that we learned only the second best reasons not to sell. We went for pho instead of selling.

We took our dogs onto the Trinity Trail hiking trail. This marked young Bea's first family hiking trip, which she handled with aplomb. The lake reached drought conditions this week not seen since records on it began being kept in 1950. One can walk for hundreds of yards on "shoreline" which mere months ago were submerged.

Tonight we ate fish and watched "Fiddler on the Roof". Tomorrow I must do a bit of work, and then catch a plane for Orange County, California. Monday I drive up to Los Angeles after quick morning business. The weekend
draws to a close, in show tunes, bitmaps, and Zero Mostel dancing to "Tradition" while salmon grilled.