November 26th, 2005

abstract butterfly

towing a boat

The weather turned from late Spring to early Winter overnight. We hit the road in the morning, and enjoyed light traffic on the drive to my office in Garland. There my wife picked up her car, and I worked an hour or two.

We gathered at day's end to go out to eat. We went to our favorite sushi place in McKinney. My wife had the Alamo roll, whose contents I cannot really describe except that in some vague way they involve both fish and jalapeno.
I had a shrimp tempura roll, smoked salmon sushi, yellowtail and halibut.

We headed to Blockbuster, from whence we returned home with the DVDs to Laura Linney's "P.S." and also to "Garden State". Although we rarely double our cinematic features, we enjoyed both movies in prompt succession, even
watching the credits to figure out who sang songs we liked.

As we drove today, we saw but a single hawk and a single great blue heron. One year ago, we also drove the same interstate, seeing also a hawk and a heron. That Friday, we set out for my parents' home, but were asked to turn around in mid-stream. My mother, tired from visitors on Thanksgiving Day, was too ill to receive further visitors. She slipped away three months later. On that Friday a year ago and we turned aside day, we toured a museum about Audie Murphy and cotton crops. Today, I was tempted by the Southwestern Dairy Museum, but we passed it by. A 20something man drove by towing a boat behind his sport/utility vehicle, doing 80 m.p.h. or so. There is never enough time, and if reaching destinations is one's goal, one can speed at will, and never reach the place one imagines one is trying to achieve before the day ends. I sometimes ask "is the trip worth the travel?", but I know, deep down, the trip is the travel, and I plow on, with all deliberate speed.