November 21st, 2005

abstract butterfly

simple goals

My goals for the first burst of this holiday season are simple:

1. weigh less on Sunday, November 27 than I did on Sunday, November 20.
2. focus on the positive
3. walk outdoors

I have in my pocket a throwaway camera, with the pictures all shot but undeveloped. I must have 2 dozen cameras full of shot but undeveloped materials. This camera has got a jaunty gray and dark gray cover, with a slogan printed right on the box. The slogan is: "Maximum Versatility". I think this is a good slogan: "maximum versatility".

Today at lunch I went to the city park nearby, which is little more than an trailside for a local creek. I walked for fifteen minutes or so beside the slow-moving water, past used bait styrofoams and empty soda cans.

Snapping turtles sunning themselves on outcroppped logs snapped to attention and then sank quickly into the water upon my approach. The weather is at last chilly November weather. House sparrows crowd our feeder. Inside the cactus and our glorious dwarf jade tree thrive.

I got a CD in the mail by an ensemble called Tin Moth's Breath, and pondered what to do with the 4 out of 5 extra "Chicago Blues" harmonicas I obtained in an eBay auction.
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    weight lost: .4 pounds