October 31st, 2005

abstract butterfly


My nephew and I had a good time on Sunday. We went fishing again, at Park Hill Prairie. The ponds were really quite low on water. We caught a half dozen fish each, when I decided to take a break from fishing and walk in the prairie. As the prairie is quite secluded and we had the place to ourselves, I let my nephew stay and fish.

The prairie grasses mixed greens with oranges and other Fall colors, giving a curious "leaves changing" feel to the prairie. The last of the cricket song echoed among the short grasses. The swallowtails of deep Summer were gone, but other butterflies--buckeye, sulphur and cabbage, flitted about in surprising abundance.

As I rounded the turn to head down the final stretch of my walk, I heard my nephew's voice calling me. In my absence, he had hooked and landed a huge bass. I took a picture of he and his bass. Then we worked on releasing the bass into the water, helping it recover from the long fight it had had with ny nephew's ultra-light tackle.

We spent the afternoon perhaps too quietly, watching football games involving first Dallas and then Philadelphia.
In the evening, I worked.