September 20th, 2005

abstract butterfly

on words and websites

The resume quality of websites comes home to me today. Unlike a weblog, in which one seeks to communicate with
people in a detailed way, a website seeks to interest someone enough not to click away. I know from my visits to websites as a consumer that I lose patience quickly if the site lacks something I am seeking, or has something that I do not wish to see. For example, even after high speed access renders flash quite easy to endure, I am quickly turned off by any site that uses much flash. It distracts me, and it sometimes makes me wait. I want instead a website that in simple text terms, with perhaps a few still pictures, directs me to what interests me.
I may not always know I am interested until I see the sights the site has to offer. But I want that practical, "get to the point" aspect when I consume websites. Websites, by the way, can be leavened with worcestershire sauce.

I ponder this webby issue this morning because one of my hobby sites got 46 "hits" but only 1 "play". I usually do far better than that ratio. I revamped the site in question to eliminate a number of words. I usually think that words are my friends, and I surround myself with them liberally and without ceasing. Yet I know of the way to draw a resume--one page if at all possible, with the words all used to achieve a desired effect.

I want to understand better how to do things than I do. In particular, I want to make websites on a shoestring,
and learn how to get the ideas presented in simple, yet effective ways. But for now, I am focusing on the concise dilemma of exciting interest without torrents of words. It is an interesting challenge.