September 4th, 2005

abstract butterfly

The Plan for Exchange Park

This morning I am taking my small wooden glockenspiel mallet and a cheap cassette player to Exchange Park, so that I can record the sounds of a wooden mallet tapping a maroon bridge, a green park bench, a brown wooden bench on a foundation of stones, a green post which
marks a walking path, the underside of a bridge under which a sidewalk runs, where many cars pass (making an atmospheric hum), a dugout on a softball field, a sidewalk, and perhaps another green gate.

If I get recordings of sufficient volume, then I will record the result (tape hiss and all) into my home recording studio, a Magix Audio Studio 5 (jewel edition), which I bought for five or ten dollars. If the resulting recordings have sufficient volume, I will convert them to .wav files. I will then load each .wav file into my IXI freeware sampler, the appropriately named Slicer. Slicer will take the sounds and "slice" them into eight components. It will then give me a set of eight colorful string art threads, which I can manipulate with a computer mouse around a broad screen-size field. Each manipulation affects a facet of the sound, whether pitch, panning, microtonality, volume, or tempo. I will manipulate each individual .wav file around until each recording of a metallic sound is morphed and altered into an electronic song.

The results I plan to print up in a CD, called "Exchange Park", for which a service will print it up for nearly nothing. Each "song title" shall be nothing more (or less) than the thing I hit with my mallet to create the song. My goal is largely to amuse myself, but I will share with friends any resulting noise.

I'm disenchanted today with LiveJournal. The fault is not LiveJournal's, though. In this instance, the fault is palpably my own. I need to learn a lesson about written words, nuance, and sensitivity.