September 2nd, 2005

abstract butterfly

bar night

Today I worked a full day, and then went to the Garland Bar Association. The speaker was one of my favorites among the annual speakers--the local justice of the peace. He judges cases of truancy, small claims, and forcible detainer (eviction). He always has neat procedural points to explain about this curious little nearly procedure-less court.

The fifteen of us in attendance sat in the large meeting room with our catered dinners, apparently the picture of sedate contentedness. Yet, almost needless to say, the conversation veered to the tragedy down south. We all wondered about "homeland security" and an underfunded FEMA. I do not want to expound my theories in depth tonight--I was just struck by the bipartisan similarly analyzed reaction of everyone at table, although this particular group is politically somewhat diverse.

I put three CDs by my friend Scott M on auction on eBay, with the proceeds to go to the Red Cross. Scott hails from Bogalusa--I'm glad his family proved to be safe. I bought a CD from an ambient artist, I enjoy, Diatonis, who is donating the proceeds to the Red Cross.

My chess club message group got its 8th member this week, so that the growth I had hoped for may finally be occurring. it is time to set up another tournament. My music exchange group is up to 6, but I am beginning to promote it here and there, with hopes of getting it to an "active critical mass". I got a nice reply from the professor at the University of North Texas with their Experimental Music Department--it sounds like they have an interesting concert on 9/19 that I may try to attend.

I lost my temper tonight over a trifle. I dislike losing my temper at all.

We watched "city of angels" tonight, which I enjoy, but it made me wish to rent "wings of desire".

I am ready for a Labor Day weekend. I continue to hope for improvement on all fronts, in all ways.