August 15th, 2005

abstract butterfly


This morning in Los Angeles, the temperature was a balmy seventy degrees, although apparently a huge electrical storm, with rain, had unseasonably hit some inland valleys. When we flew over the portion of Texas just west of Fort Worth, say, between Fort Worth and Abilene, the green look of the fields was striking, particularly in August. The Salton Sea in California had crests of white in huge, atmospheric "clouds", and I wondered if this was a sign of the algal blooms that have killed birds and fish. When we landed in Dallas, I hunted in vain for my car in the garage, finally finding it after walking around a lot. The rain began to fall outside, in huge drops, and I felt so fortunate to live in a rainy Dallas August. I finished the Kate O'Brien novel on the plane, which ended with a twist. I resolved to "read up" on Ms. O'Brien. I also read a computer shopping guide, which gave me the "heads up" on dozens of value software websites. When I finally got home, we had sole at Mimi's, along with steamed vegetables and dry baked potatoes. I hear the rain outside, and I love it with the passion of home and friends.

I am inclined to mine minerals next week.
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