August 9th, 2005

abstract butterfly

a call for voices

This morning I'm browsing netlabels at, checking out the free music available for download by all, and wondering if it would be fun to upload there.

I'm also looking at yahoo groups that interest me, as lately I seem to have expanded my "daily digest" reading list of yahoo message groups. My own chess group has not grown, despite the pleasing number of attendees at our tournament, while the Feeder Guppy Rescue League added a couple of members to sport a roster of 37 earnest guppy
crusaders. Perhaps I'll start a new yahoo group to promote musical exchange.

I continue to collaborate on musical pieces with verian and also with akhliber. The results amuse and please me. verian and I are working on a project for which we solicit recorded voices. Words, ooohs, aaahs, and original singing of any kind are quite welcome. The only proviso is that the "song" submitted should be original. Small files perhaps do best--I've had a great deal of fun with 30 second snippets.

How does one do it? The good news is that one need not have any fancy equipment. A simple microphone input into the sound recording program ("accessories", "entertainment" is a frequent windows hiding place for such things), will generate a perfectly workable wav file. A small wav file can be e mailed, although a conversion to mp3 is much easier. If one lacks a microphone, then a good old "don't know why I still have this around" portable cassette can capture voices, which then can be sent into either the mic input or the "line in" input for recording (for some reason, most folks, including me, have more luck with mic than with line in for cassette transfer).

What will become of the snippet? Why, it will be incorporated into something. It may remain sounding like a voice, or, as often happens, it may be morphed to sound like an instrument. It will be put into a musical piece which we ultimately will share. If it doesn't fit in one piece, it may fit in another.
You license it to us to have fun with in mixes and recordings.

If you're interested in playing, we'd love to have you join in. The place to send your mp3s is By the way, "singing talent" or "musicality" is not really a big part of the equation. The richness of the project is not in hunting for some diva, but in getting all the diverse sounds and accents. To me, it's all about sounds--voice sounds, the musicality of sound, sound upon sound upon sound. So come play, if you wish!
abstract butterfly

bird signs

I saw a pure white dove, flying over the toll road today, and I wondered for a moment if it were a portent. We saw two finches yesterday at our feeder, and I marveled without any thought that they might be miracles.