August 6th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Ambient Review

I love the instantaneous nature of the internet. I was no sooner back from my walk, checking for stray chess e mails, when I get word from the kind and insightful Mr. Eden that he has posted my ambient CD review (of Chad Hoefler's "Twilight in the Offing") to his rather well-known-in-our-circles ambient_review review site. I used to do a great deal of reviewing on, but I have not done so much in recent years. When Mr. Eden offered me the chance to post from time to time on his site, I jumped at it. In its fairly short life, it has established itself as one of "the" sites for ambient music. I am pleased that he runs it non-commercially through an LJ.

Sadly, I did not avoid my usual trait of using three words and a poem when one word and a comma would do, but I had a great deal of fun doing the review. Many thanks to asphalteden, for indulging my inner critic.

My own work is quite ordinary, but if you wish to know more about the ambient genre, Mr. Eden's reviews are the state of the art over at ambient_review.