July 31st, 2005

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LJ High School Class Reunion

I like about LiveJournal that it is all about interconnection. I like to learn things about you, sometimes seeking such material in a gentle, non-threatening way in this weblog. I try to share things in return, to an extent that, prior to my weblog's creation in 2002, I would not have imagined I would be willing to do.

But now I'm going to ask if you will participate in a writing project. It's not just any old "roll them bones and see if they turn up a story" project. I don't want your personal preferences in intimate apparel, nor the true basis behind your family's deeply secret long-standing feud. I don't even want to hear the part about how everything is actually your significant's other's fault, or the list of things you shoplifted or whom you cheated with or even whom you didn't cheat with but have always wondered about.

No, I'm not going to stay in easy territory. I want you to write in the comments something really frightening. I want you to write a detailed comment about what you were like in about high school. Collapse )
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