July 29th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Amoeba Goo

Today my wife arose early to head out to the west coast to see an old college friend, said friend's good guy husband, and said friend's as-yet-unmet five year old. Thus, I am figuring out how to entertain myself tonight. A multiple band folk concert featuring one woman that everyone hereabout is raving about is in Deep Ellum, in Dallas, some 25 miles away from my home. A simpler two-artist bill is playing at Uncle Calvin's, the church basement coffeehouse venue much nearer my home, down in Richardson. I think that one sign of creeping age is that while when I was 25 I would certainly go see the woman who is "this year's model of a modern major general of folk", given the distance and the difference between getting to the car at Deep Ellum at midnight and a suburban church parking lot at ten p.m., I will do the suburban simpler show.

The internet radio station, Amoeba Goo, which focuses on unconventional, offbeat, indie rock, and novelty songs, advised me that its latest edition features my novelty song "The Feeder Guppy Rescue League". I had been very unhappy with my recording of this song, because I did not get enough volume into the recording of my voice, because I did not match various outputs and inputs. I subsequently solved this issue with other recordings, with both an informal and a formal fix. Now I can record at an adequate volume, and am only hampered by my singing voice.

Yet the kind folks at Amoeba Goo Radio not only put my song in the 17th and final slot on the show, but also illustrated the show "cover" on the website with two elegant psychedelic guppies. They even posted a hyperlink to the actual Feeder Guppy Rescue League, which continues its key role as a satiric notion for a LiveJournal post made flesh and dwelling among personkind. It is good when people get the joke, which, in charity, is easier when the song is audible than when it features silent running. Amoeba Goo Radio is a fun listen, at this website.

Meanwhile I am rediscovering the virtues of collaboration, and yet realizing, as I experiment with a dizzying array of freeware music making devices, that when I have gotten a sound I really like, I find that the one fan I wish to truly reach--myself--is always in attendance. I am my own grandpa, so to speak.

Tomorrow I hope to go for a swim in the natatorium, get some long overdue hobby mailings done, and perhaps see a film or two. I also have work to do this weekend, which no doubt will keep me earnest in spirit and pure in intention.