July 11th, 2005

abstract butterfly

katydid symphony

Yesterday we drove back home in the morning. We saw a doe deer standing stock still just outside the tree line by the rural highway, waiting for us to pass before fleeing to the woods.

I spent some of the afternoon beginning the long process of getting my spare room restored to order. In the early evening, I drove over to Trinity Trail, my favorite hiking area, by Lake Lavon. Although our news is full of storms and winds that besiege those in the southeastern region of the country, here the weather was in the high nineties with an absence of any rain and a lack of very much wind.

The trail seemed to have more shady spots than usual, though, as the trees and shrubs which intermittently accompany this trail were flush with greenery.
Everywhere all around me sang loud chorus of katydid, cricket and grasshopper, making an ambient symphony of chorused notes. I have a quick flicker/image of touring the Mormon Tabernacle, and being told that the pipe organ pipes were made of bamboo. This was a bamboo-worthy symphony. I saw very little in the way of flowers, other than the shoulder high purple flowers I have seen a time or two recently. No butterflies stood out, but I saw the black-bodied, black-winged dragonfly (or damselfly) with the French-tipped wings. It was a tiring but exhilirating walk, topped off with views of herons and the gorgeous lake roiling into the horizon.

When I returned to my car, a rider with an English riding helmet put her horse through paces, readying for the trail. Loud personal watercraft assured me that my timing was right, as they obliterated the evening peace with the best noise technology could offer.
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abstract butterfly

The Logo String Art Mandala Synthesizer Mp3 Device

The rain here began an hour ago. It's such a blessing, after so much heat. I'm sure the flowers in our yard garden dance ritual prairie dances of joy, except that even as I write that phrase I secretly hope that the flowers do not have an imagination as predictable and banal as mine.

My wife called to let me know that she has a club meeting tonight, so that I must "fend for myself" for dinner. I think I will go have chicken pho and fresh spring rolls at a local Vietnamese restaurant. I love the way that spring rolls can be "salad in rice paper". I don't like salads very much, but I love spring rolls.

My song "The Feeder Guppy Rescue League" is on a bit of an odd roll. It won the "best male vocalist of the week" in the Comedy section. Most reviewers, though report that they can't hear the un-pre-amped vocals at all, though, which may tell the reader all that the reader may wish to know about the standards of song quality at the comedy section of garageband.com, i.e., "how to win by being inaudible as an improvement on everything else".

I went to halfbakery.com, which I recently joined, to post my idea for the The Logo String Art Mandala Synthesizer, my own contribution to half-baked musical theory, predicated upon the idea of using children's software to create mandalas in virtual space which then play incredible ambient music microtonally.
I wish I spoke Logo. I've forgotten what little I knew. I will put that on next year's New Year's resolution list. I never publicly half-baked before, at the formal website, having confined my half-bakery to this journal and a variety of websites.

But I hear the sound of vermicelli, calling me now.