July 7th, 2005

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inanity on a difficult day

Today I think of people in London, and the way I felt when I drove to work on a day of terrorism nearly four years ago. I'm not going to spend this post on rants or faux insight or in-depth analysis of newly-developed facts. I am thinking of and praying for the people hurt, and praying for and thinking of a time when things of this kind do not happen.

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abstract butterfly

In Oklahoma City, a statue of hundreds of empty chairs

"We often don't do what we need to do because it's hard work".--Rolf Wetzell

Perhaps what intrigues the most is the realization that the sense of security proved entirely inaccurate. We're always tempted to think that we lived in a safe and complacent time, and that formerly, until some cataclysmic change, nothing touched us. The reality is that we always live in flux and change, and everything touches us, and changes us. The Cold War, the Vietnam War, the drug wars, the wars in the Middle East, the war against the poor, the war against education, the war against public health, the war against equality, the war against science, the war against reason. The issue now is not whether one will one will be in a struggle--it's which struggle, and how it will be "fought" that is the issue. The struggle for peace, seen properly, is a war. This is what "truth force" meant. It meant that people will struggle if they will achieve anything worthwhile. It's the way in which the struggle will be conducted, and the ends of the struggle that will change from individual to individual--to separate the saint from the bomber, the healer from the mercenary. We choose the values upon which we spend our lives. We all give our lives, one way or another--to try to save it is to lose it in the most graceless way. But to what do we give our lives? To what end? When do we begin? The choices are before us--and safety is a myth.