June 25th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Chess in nature

Today I met a fellow who signed on to my small chess club's yahoo group for a spirited game of 9 a.m. at Towne Lake Park in McKinney. The games were good, and the ambience of honking geese and a light breeze added to the ambience. I won 1 1/2 games out of 2, but more importantly, we had fun. I like open air chess.

Then my wife and I drove to Farmersville, the town of 3,000 souls forty minutes from us. Farmersville has a quaint downtown, with six low-priced, high interest antique stores. We enjoyed browsing through stores owned by friendly people, where the prices were not armed robbery, and the things varied from knick knacks to nice things. I got a hardback novel with an ad for war bonds. We also got a very reasonably priced piece for our front room, which was needing a little adornment.

We ate at a diner in downtown which served capable grilled chicken, and then we headed off for home. The Comcast cable TV technician who was to service our cable between 5 and 8 p.m. failed to arrive, which caused me no surprise, somehow, given our experience with Comcast lately.

This morning I awoke early, and spent the time profitably. Tomorrow I arise early, and take a one day long-distance trip by car. We took our dog for a walk in the hot, drought-ish night air, and I am ready to watch a DVD.