June 11th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Saturday Night's Alright for Polling, get a little action in

I interrupt my regularly scheduled listings of personal mini-achievements and meta-aspirations, ruminations and word-count-wanderings, to ask you to join me in a simple poll. As with all my polls, it will tell you nothing that you don't already know, and yet it is a way to share things about yourself that the typical "ask me anything" or "my sexual history, installment 133" posts never quite reach.

I'm not suggesting that you need sing "Someone saved my life tonight" as you fill it out or anything, but I think it's high time that a quiet Saturday evening got fun. Of course, responses are welcome 8 days a week.

So, please, if I may trouble you, join me for some hypothetical questions and nattering expressions of modest preferences. Then, after a suitable interval, review everyone's answers, and enjoy knowing things that teach you everything--and nothing.

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