May 30th, 2005

abstract butterfly

missing connections

I read, noting appropriate juxtaposition, my novel about an alien planet and my non-fiction about the Caddo peoples tonight, after visiting my office. At my office, I found that somehow I had left my AIM instant message deal on all weekend. It had crashed, but it said that four people had contacted me by IM. It did not say who they were, or what they said, but the little number bubble said "4". I hate that sense of missing a contact, as it could be curtains or dishes or a double boiler, as the song says. I hope nobody thought I ignored them.

I'm researching lakes in southeastern states, as it seems to me to be a fun idea to take some days off in late Summer to spend time at a lake near other things to do.

Now I'm curious if the chess tournament I entered will have much turnout, as its website shows this "side event" of a major traditional tournament only has four advance entries. Although more will enter at the door, there might be some poetic justice in playing in a four person tournament, albeit such a tournament is less ideal when it is to last five rounds. I wonder if I will wish I had gone pier fishing instead, or perhaps read an improving book.
abstract butterfly

masters and non-masters

Today I arose at 6something a.m. for a business conference call. Then I went to the Airport Hilton for my chess tournament. I only scored 1 1/2 out of 5 games, but I was very happy with my play, giving a master, an expert and an A player a run for their money. I was pleased that my d pawn, Philidor, and Old Indian repertoire worked so well for me. I am getting good again, slowly but surely. But I need more killer instinct, and a better way with endgames. I saw an old chess friendly acquaintance from my LA days, with whom I exchanged Free Internet Chess Server handles for future play. I also met a nice fellow whom I beat in a good little game. I bought a digital chess clock, a carrying case and heavy tournament set to celebrate a good day.

I saved up enough "counting points" to be able to eat flame grilled chicken at El Pollo Loco, one of my favorite fast food experiences.
I made another work telephone call, and now am struggling with my erratic, aged laptop, which needs replacing. It tends to change the cursor locale arbitrarily, giving it a wonderful random typing style.

I love it when everyone is kind at a tournament, and I play well. Some 127 people showed up for the big all weekend "main event", but I am glad I played in the "side event", which was 5 rounds in 5 hours. I am ready to face my work week this week, knowing I can face the masters without fear.