May 23rd, 2005

abstract butterfly

Purdy good day

Today I kept quite busy all day long. I felt a sense of real accomplishment, intermingled with my sense of much I will accomplish on tomorrow. I have a lot to do, and then I must catch a fairly early flight.

I like that electronic mail allows one to accomplish things in off-hour moments. I visited one website and followed through on my notion of running an ad in the local pennysaver, hunting interesting places to hold tournaments. It was fun trying to make the ad as compact as possible. One starts with a systematic theology, and one ends with The Golden Rule.

I wrote to the parks department which oversees Park Hill Prairie, asking if they minded if I ran an outdoor tournament at that remote prairie park. In the meantime, I drew up a budget for a tournament assuming I ran it at a venue costing 150 dollars. I figured out a way to make it work, with prizes, assuming participation of 20 people. That is realistic, but will require a bit of progress in my marketing skills. I suspect that cash prizes are the best marketing.

I read a bit of the CJS Purdy chess games collection. Purdy was a world postal chess champion, from Australia. I like the idea of being a grandmaster by mail.

Tomorrow, I am on the road again, but not before I finish a slew of things right here at home.