May 22nd, 2005

abstract butterfly

Stare at the sky, not at the cork

Today I worked for nearly five hours, following which we went to lunch at Red Lobster. One tilapia later, I went to Weight Watchers. I did not have the meteoric weight fall of week one, but was pleased to have a good result.

I drove to Collin Park, in St. Paul, on Lake Lavon. Although the temperature crested 100 degrees, the park was uncharacteristically full of swimmers and picnic people, which made fishing non-ideal. I adjourned to the Lake Lavon dam. There the fishing area on the small stream by the spillway was only lightly populated, and fish jumped to catch insects. But I caught nothing. I kept seeing all these incredible butterflies--sulphurs, sages, buckeyes, and monarchs. I also saw herons, including a gorgeous great blue who stood on the dam, surveying all he saw. I thought to myself how I needed only a nice folding chair, binoculars and a good book to have a perfect time. Indeed, I have a good Jack Chalker sci fi going, acquired in a mass purchase at the remaindered book store, and it would have hit the spot. Next time I go to that park, I am going to eschew the fishing, and just sit and stare at butterflies through the lens of my cheap French binoculars.

I do look sporting in a Cheap Trick baseball cap. We had sushi tonight at Wasabi in McKinney. When I go to Japanese places, I usually get teriyaki or tempura. A decade in California, though, removed any incipient "fried is the only way to eat fish" prejudices of my youth, and I enjoyed salmon roll and yellowtail roll, with miso soup.

This week will be a busy work week, punctuated with a spot of business travel. I received in the mail a charming book of poems I will read during my trip. The week may be hard, but I had a good weekend. I say "bring it on".
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    Week 2: 1.6 pounds lost, Total: 10.4 pounds lost