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May 21st, 2005


Tonight my wife decided to go to dinner with our friends the women who used to be Doublemint twins. I decided to go to the Dallas Chess Club for the Friday night tournament. I finished with 3 wins, and 1 loss, which qualified me for the top Class B prize of twenty five dollars.

In the first round, I pulled off a nice rook, bishop and knight mating combination from the white side of a fianchetto Gruenfeld against a 1300. In the second round, I dropped a piece early in, playing an unsound combination that I thought won a pawn but actually lost the game to an 1890. I was playing an ultra-solid Colle-type formation, and just got too high-spirited. I will learn once again to take deep breaths before entering into complex combinations. In the third round, I defended a Philidor against the "officially 1300, but actually 1500" fellow who held me to a draw last time. This time I won a pawn, and then a piece, and shortly the game. As usual, if I can just play reasonably forthrightly and avoid errors, then my opponent will often oblige me with errors or his or her own. I liked that the nine year old girl playing next to me had a little stuffed animal by her side as her lucky critter as she played.

In the fourth round, I played a 1400 who had been the "giant killer" of the evening. He had beaten a 2100 player in a massive upset, and then also beaten someone about my rating, also a solid upset. I played a sound Colle system,though, and even got to do a minor sacrifice of my bishop on the "Colle square", the h7 square. My opponent fought back well, and had probably equalized, when he allowed me to pin a rook against his queen. The fun was all mine from that point.

After what proved to be a very busy week, I found the tournament quite relaxing. In contrast to last week, I'll probably gain a few rating points from this one.
One of the chess dads said he'd seen the ad for my tournament in August, so I guess that the word is out just a little. I'd love to have 8 or 12 this time. I am in the mood to set up another tournament, in September.

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