May 18th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Convicted into faith by a quiz

I took the on-line quiz which receives as input one's SAT score and extrapolates from it various sweeping facts and conclusions about one's life. Besides assuring me that my SAT score was below Natalie Portman's, the result further psychically predicted that my ACT score was 29 (which, in fact, it was) and that my IQ is between 120 and 130 (as to which score, a bit to my shame, it generally tests).

I was most struck, though, by the universities it suggested I attend. None of them was the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, home of the "woooooo, pig sooooie" Arkansas Razorbacks. The choices were instead UCLA, UNC---Chapel Hill, and Hampshire College.

Then I had a revelation--I must learn more about Hampshire College, because my whole set of life's choices could have been different if only I had attended there. After all, it was my soul match--the place identified in a really cool graphical quiz.

I learned that it's a newish liberal arts school in western Massachusetts, founded in the 1960's. Its mission could have changed my life, because its web site advises that:

"Education at Hampshire College prepares students to understand and participate responsibly in a complex world. Through its actions and policies, the college sets an example of the responsible and creative behavior it expects of its students.".

Now I see the problem with my entire life thus far. I am one Hampshire short of perfection. Perhaps I must see my life as a kind of New Hampshire.

One of my LiveJournal friends recently moved to New Hampshire, but I don't mean "live free or die" country, actually. I mean that in my inner New Hampshire, I will understand and participate responsibly in a complex world. It's preordained, you see--it must be--because a quiz has told me so, and guessed my ACT score, too. I wonder if this will leave enough time for kite flying and reading mystery novels, but I plan to live just as Hampshire within as any former hog might be.

By popular demand, I add the quiz URL, but by my own whim spare you my literal quiz result: