April 13th, 2005

abstract butterfly

in Spring-tinged praise of ordinary things

"I'm just an old-timer. The reason I don't play any better than I do is because our family were basically singers. We only used an instrument once in a while. If we needed something to keep us together and on pitch on a windy porch we'd bring out a dulcimer just to have something as a base, to keep us in tune. But nobody ever tried to play in a spectacular way. The song was the important thing and the instrument was just there to do a service for you".--Jean Ritchie

On one portion of my drive to work, bluebonnets, those lupine flowers which are the "state flower", bloom in profusion. They plant bluebonnets along the roads and freeways, although wild flowers are so much a part of north Texas that some would grow even if no seeds were planted. The pink and white evening primrose grow everywhere that things are the slightest bit wild, and the first of many different varieties of susans show their yellow blooms.

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