April 12th, 2005

abstract butterfly

vinegar sauce

Yesterday a local attorney and I left at dawn to drive to a rural North Carolina town a bit south of Greensboro. Prior to court, we stopped at a restaurant called Biscuitville, where we had biscuits for breakfast. At the court, everyone proved quite friendly, and my court business went well. Then we hit the road back to Raleigh.

We stopped at a barbecue restaurant for lunch during the drive back to the city. We ate pork barbecue with the characteristic Carolina vinegared sauce. Our Texas barbecues tend to be beef-based and do not feature vinegar in the sauce, so it's always a nice change to eat the barbecue from a different region. I fancy myself to be about barbecue the way some people are about dialects--able to discern the region in the cut of the meat and the taste of the sauce. Deep down, though, I know that I am not really such a great barbequegastronome.

I spent the time on the plane continuing through Andre Maurois' biography of Disraeli. The biography is very well done, and Disraeli is a very interesting life.

I played a series of games at the free internet chess site, but did not play remarkably well. I did manage to beat a 1600 player, but I am continually set back by losing games I should win to 1200 players. There's a kind of fervency to the winning and losing of a blitz chess game, as each game is only six minutes or less long.

Today I have a number of projects to complete, but I am ready to complete them.