March 30th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Question time, Prime Minister

I began to post a self-centered post about how busy I am and the effects of stress. But now I pull myself up short, as my life features far less stress and hassle than many lives do, and very little envy of those with less stress.

I instead will ask of you three questions, and ask your thoughts as you provide an answer:

1. A friend asked me a question I find interesting--what are the five qualities that one looks for in a journal one chooses to read? I don't think the key here is "five things", but instead "for the journals you love, what is it that draws you to those journals?".

2. How do you cope with the burden of mediocrity? Everyone is mediocre at something, and most of us are to a greater or lesser extent not at the top of everything we do. How do you deal with the notion that you're not going to always (or even ever) be the kid with the gold star, fame and ultimate fortune beside your name?

3. Would you rather be an aardvark or an anteater? Please describe why, interweaving trivia facts you learned about those animals from your google and wikipedia searches.