March 22nd, 2005

abstract butterfly

the celery army marches

This week features a good bit of travel. I make a trip to San Francisco, and a trip to Los Angeles, and yet spend a day in between back in Texas. I travel for business a reasonable amount these days, unlike younger days when I was always on the road.

I find that my insight into blitz chess that I just need not to make horrendous mistakes helps me a lot, but I have not eliminated horrendous mistakes from my play.
I think I'll follow another tip in "Rapid Chess Improvement" and just focus on tactics. I want to be 1600 on FICS in eighteen months, which will require a lot of progress.

I've also decided to lose weight in earnest. I had placed the loss of a modest 12 pounds on my New Year's resolution, but I did not follow through in the first quarter of the year. But I know how to eat well but without gaining weight, and I love to exercise, and I know to turn away from the mini-butterfingers in the office candy dish. I'm one of those people who doesn't look thin even when I am thin, but I certainly look heavy now that I am quite heavy. So I will resume celery patrol, with glee.