March 18th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Ten Quick Aphorisms (Gnomic thoughts revealed)

1.Sometimes a fool has to rush in even though the angels made tread for Hoboken.

2.It's the eleventh thing on the ten item "to do" list that always matters most.

3. Nobody really knows what time is it, but everyone cares, but nobody can think because the elevator music is an old Chicago song.

4. It's funny how so many of the enviable celebrities turn out to be utterly miserable with themselves.

5. Life's three unsolvable mysteries all have to do with the Holy Ghost, the soprano recorder, and hand-made quilts.

6.A well-turned-out letter heals more wounds than a hundred e mails, which does not explain at all why I never write proper letters anymore. An e-mail can be written as a "real" letter, but I don't do that often enough, either.

7. The one sure way to get rude treatment from someone is to convince that person that he or she is famous.

8. Books expand to fill any living space.

9. All the problems turn out to have only practical solutions.

10. Faith is not only the assurance of things unseen, but also the firm belief that hope, like black pepper, is both priceless and worth seasoning over everything.