March 15th, 2005

abstract butterfly

misunderstood cosmologies

Last night we enjoyed the wonder of a much simplified household. The visitors all departed, and reported later that they had a pleasant and safe drive home. I watched re-runs of a science fiction show whose cosmology I never quite understand. I looked at a self-published book on the Bishop's Gambit in the King's Gambit at, but decided that thirty six dollars is far too much to pay for a strategy I would never employ. I priced self-publishing costs for my own book at, but decided that their system costs too much for the thing I have in mind. I've always liked their company, though, because they are transparent about what they will and cannot do.

I sold a copy of my chess poem book on eBay to a college professor in rural Georgia, who averred his amusement at the silly ad copy I employed. A friend shared with me by e mail a two minute Mp3 snippet of a really good song he arranged. A long-standing friend wrote me an e mail about a situation change going on in his life. Things change so often. I must convince him to move to the Dallas area if the threatened change becomes real. I must also mail out the CD of "Vibrating Electric Fields" to the fellow with the euphonious eBay handle "noisefactorysound".

Last night we ate tilapia and capers, with salad. Tonight I eat alone, as my wife must attend a meeting. The morning air features a cool nip right now, but by afternoon warmth returns. I should begin reading a new novel. I like the restfulness of hard work.
abstract butterfly


Although this is a busy day, I took a moment to head to, and enter in their NCAA tournament prediction contest. It's a good alternative to the office pool, particularly as my office does not run a pool and I don't really like to play in betting pools anyway. I only bet nickels and quarters in the Las Vegas airport at machines that shout "Wheel....of....Fortune!" or "aye, matey, let's see how many lobsters ye caught this time!". One registers for free at, and then a grid appears, in which one just clicks on winners until one has picked the entire field.

This is my second year to play at this website, although I have no idea what I would win if I won. I am hoping I would get a free breakfast at a coffee house in Lawrence, Kansas, but I am not good at reading fine print to see. I figure it's important to play a game centered in a town for KU or Kentucky or Duke or Gonzaga.

The only thing missing for me is any real knowledge of this year's crop of basketball teams. I had to follow all my various forms of conventional wisdom--you know, the really mystical concepts like "Gonzaga is a talisman which often surprises everyone and makes the Sweet 16" and "Kentucky will win some really hard games, and then lose to a team it should have beaten".

Last year, I finished solidly in the pack, guessing wrong many times. I had hoped this year that I coud crib off nacowafer, who won her office competition. I figure she is a hoops guru. Alas, though, she never posts her grid. I ultimately decided to go it alone. If you want to go it with me, go to, and fill out your grid!

Jump ball!