March 13th, 2005

abstract butterfly

The Win Streak

Today we went to the Allen Premium Outlet Mall, where we were pleased to discover a store that had bright, sunny Spring-like fashions for kids, devoid of any Britney factor. I think there's something winning about a child dressed for fun, particularly with a boat hat on.

Then we went to Shady Oak barbecue, where the bread still tastes like sweet salt aned the smoked chicken, sans sauce, is quite good. We then stopped at that little known tourist attraction, Central Market, a gourmet grocery from a chain originating down in Austin. Everything there is tres exotique and marked with little signs more revelatory than many museum displays. The mushrooms looked like something from Alice in Wonderland, while the fish market featured a number of fishy fellows who grinned somwhat mercilessly. We passed over my favorite part, the gourmet honey, but came out with fresh salmon.

The two guys and the little girl headed to the Allen Natatorium, but we soon found the little girl had second thoughts, and we hastened to permit her to rejoin the pedicure patrol also embarking from my house this afternoon.

I played my brother-in-law at chess, and though he was quite good, I manage to prevail. This matched my pattern thus far this weekend, when my chess finally begins to resemble a warmed over noodle rather than merely a cold, wet noodle. My assiduous study of Bird's Opening even paid off with a stunning win that could have been from a textbook. I was just congratulating myself on a "saved by a mating combination" win over a B player when a friend came on-line. In short order, I had lost three out of five games, proving once again that no matter how good one feels one is, or how good one says one is, then one is really only as good as one plays in a given set of games.
My win streak ended, I made this entry prior to heading off to bed.

It's been great having relatives in town this weekend. But a quiet week ahead will be great, too.