March 5th, 2005

abstract butterfly


In its first day of release on, the noisy and musically valueless song "Robot Breakfast" ascended to number 6 on the Electronica: noise daily subchart, my first top 10 performance. It also garnered a winning bid on eBay, from a fellow who buys a lot of dark ambient music. My favorite part was seeing the banner ad I wrote play on, which showed the gorgeous icon and said:
"Gurdonark's Robot Breakfast is Crunchy Noise!".

I also bought 88 chess books on eBay from a fellow selling his chess library. I will keep 40 or so, and then sell the rest, driving my cost down.

Today my brother and I drive to Arkansas. I am ready for a visit home.
abstract butterfly

nine raptors, afterwards

We hit the road at 6:55 to drive up to Arkansas. We had the good conversation my brother and I enjoy. We got a quick breakfast, we stopped at the Love's Truck Stop for diet soft drinks. We spoke of alien gamescapes,family matters, and a good place I suggested to get a rice plate in Plano.

I saw the hawks on the tops of trees and posts, as I have each of my many trips home this past few months. They stood, on guard, watching for mice and rabbits in the open pastures, in the last waning moments before the grass turns green and hunting tactics must change. A few weeks ago, I wrote a poem about the nine raptors who stood sentinel the last time I went to see my mother, a month ago when she was alive. I'd share it here, but I actually submitted it for potential publication, and people get touchy about these things these days. Today we arrived home, to a warm day when the fruit trees and camellias are in bloom. My father greeted us at the door, alone. We all went out for catfish.