February 20th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Mind the Gap

Today I've been productive. I figured out how to make MIDI files of multiple instruments on the Musedit software, figured out how to record MIDI files in MP3 on another handy bit of software I found for a reasonable price, and found a free software, musicmaker, which permitted me to move the original version of "Mind the Gap" from my CD to Mp3.

I uploaded "Mind the Gap" at soundclick.com, which rocks out well enough to be more fun than a mid-life crisis. "High Plains Lullaby" peaked out at number 23 on the Electronica--Experimental Chart", and now has fallen to number 41. I tried to upload the Outsider Mix of "Mind the Gap" as well, but it was too long for my dial-up connection. I'll post it later from my office connection. I'd post more about the inherent fun of playing with software, but the weather just turned pleasant, and there are bream to catch.

These diversions do not eliminate grief, but they help divert me.

Our neighbors did the kindest thing. They brought over a tree and a little bench, in honor of our dog Scout. That really touched me.
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    Gurdonark: "Mind the Gap"
abstract butterfly

a bit of good news

I got an e mail tonight which says:

"Dear [Gurdonark}:

We would like to publish your poem [Name of Poem} in the Winter 2005 issue of
[name of cool poetry journal]. [Insert here the details]...."

I never believe something will publish until it is published. But this is really gratifying to me tonight.