February 19th, 2005

abstract butterfly

winn dixie dogs

Today I spent a very leisurely day. I installed Musedit, the music notation software I'd picked up on eBay some weeks ago. I found it easy to use and delightful. I score the notes, choose the MIDI instruments, and then it plays them back for me. I downloaded a free software for making MP3s of the resulting product. I believe that I will achieve my goal of "hiss-free", higher quality ambient sound. As I can sometimes be new-software-phobic, I felt pleased with my achievement.

I went to the natatorium, and floated in the Lazy River pool, before spending my time floating face up in the shallow pool, staring at the ductwork on the high ceiling. The spa was closed down, which deprived me of the chance to soak in highly heated water. But this quibble did not detract from a blissful experience.

I had a Chipotle burrito for a very late lunch, with the hot salsa. Then I took our dog Teddy for a walk in the park. Our little "pocket park" features a long field used for juvenile sports and a cute pond used for lhasa/human hiking trips. A huge cormorant bird swam on the surface of the water, except that sometimes it dived underwater to fish.

We went to see the film "Because of Winn Dixie" at the Cinema Movie Grill in Plano tonight. The theater was filled with kids and parents. The movie is the very best kind of small, connecting movie; it was just the kind of uplifting movie I wished to see tonight. We talked about how we want to take a driving trip to the Natchez Trace, perhaps in April. I will begin to research a fun route. I have a great aunt, a great uncle, and a second cousin and his family in that neck of the woods, whom we would enjoy visiting. I will order off for brochures about little places nobody goes with hiking nobody does fishing ponds with bream in them that nobody catches. I love Mississippi, but I've never taken a long trip there. Perhaps I will do so now.

I must get high-speed access at home. Uploading an Mp3 to Soundclick.some takes forever at home.