February 10th, 2005

abstract butterfly

Tracts for Truth

For some reason, a religious tract sits on my computer table. I don't remember who presented me with this essay about God's Smitten Lamb, helpfully published in Herzliya, Israel and in Powder Springs, Georgia. The bottom reflects that this is Tract Number 161. I do not find much resonance in the theology of this particular screed, but I like that it is a 4 x 6 inch sheet of paper, folded over into a four-page booklet. On the "cover" page, a fellow in a cool robe is blowing an ancient curvy horn. Now that we who believe in evolution and progressive social change are in the minority, we have to consider whether we wish to print and use similar pamphlets. I imagine titles: "Dinosaurs--Big, Proud and Suppressed!", "Big Bang--They're Ignoring the Atomic Signatures!" and "Save Guppies!". There's a certain cachet to the notion of wearing unfashionable clothes and gathering in cheap rented rooms and speaking of things outside the mainstream. That's a key appeal of Unitarian Universalism. I do not have much evangelical zeal, but I notice that a lot of fringe faith groups lack any real talent for the craft. But they have cool hand-outs. Perhaps it's time to write a 'zine. I was thinking of one about Fried Pies or
Cactus Farmers. I wonder if I could draw a cool guy in red robes, playing a horn. He has nothing to do with the theme of the 'zine, but fun imagery is fun imagery.