January 21st, 2005

abstract butterfly

between snows

The flight into Raleigh-Durham Airport proved uneventful, although in the upper elevations, we could see pockets of snow--not falling, just being pipes of snowflakes in mid-air. On the ground, the promised frozen moisture turned into non-freezing rain, one day after they had to have kids spend the night at school due to ice. I had dinner with an old college friend at a restaurant called Irregardless. I got confused when I was being given directions, because I thought that Irregardless was being used as a "placeholder" name for a little street whose name could not be recalled, but it turned out that it's a happening place to have spring rolls. It's always good to have a long, rambling conversation with a friend.

This morning I drive west for depositions. Tomorrow I fly back to Dallas, and then head into the office.
It's good to busy, but it's busy to be busy. They're supposed to get snow here again after I leave.