January 20th, 2005

abstract butterfly

early days, gaining clarity

I've got that roving eye now. Used four track recording studio I got for nothing on eBay? Perhaps a good resale on eBay once again. Those massive aquariums upstairs? Either find them a school home, all feeder guppy rescue league-ish, or sell them on eBay for charity. The cute bongo drums with the sea turtles on them? Find them a child. All those extra photographs? Put the very few keepers in albums, and dispose of the rest. The books upon books upon books? It's not like they're antiquarian, and one huge bookshelf full of books is enough for anyone. Perhaps a massive eBay auction of a thousand or so, with the buyer to pick them up here. They won't bring much, but what do they bring sitting in boxes and on shelves, unread?

I think this project will happen in fits and starts, and take all year. But I am going to have fewer things, and better control of my things. It's not quite that I'll lose 300 things and gain zero. I want to lose x hundred things and then gain a handful of things. I have a way of having a world of things but not the thing I want. I can fix that. I can "adjust inventory", refresh, purify and cull. I know I can. But right now I'm just getting well started.