January 19th, 2005

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Gurdonark Guessing Game, a familiar pop quiz

I've had such fun with one meme lately, thanks to all of you and your intrinsic cool. Let's try a less interactive meme. I set forth below the Gurdonark Pop Quiz. I have set forth 11 true things about me and 9 false things. If you wish to play, answer with the 11 true things--just set out the 11 numbers of the things that are true!

High score gets a used book or other worthless prize. All answers must be in by
Friday at midnight CST! What percentage of Gurdonark facts can you get right?

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When they did the pat-down search at the McAllen Airport, I was sedate, being on time for my flight. When I forgot to put my driver's license into my wallet, I was being oblivious, being gurdonark. When I found yesterday afternoon it was missing from my wallet, I was hopeful that it would turn up in a suit pocket or a briefcase pouch, the kinds of places I might unthinkingly put it. When this morning I figured out it was in none of the above, I was worried, as I must travel to North Carolina tomorrow afternoon for a Friday deposition, and the logistics of car rental without driver's licenses, while not unsolvable, are not ideal. When I read that I'd have to have forms of ID I do not keep at work to get a replacement at the local Department of Public Safety, I was almost worried. When I called SSI for a replacement Social Security Card, I was bored. When I spoke with the McAllen airport, which did not have it, I was concerned. When I spoke with American Airlines, I was impressed with the person's helpfulness, courtesy, and kindness. When she told me they had my license, and how to get it back today, I was thankful.
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selling gurdonark by the pound

The American Airlines folks returned my lost driver's license within half an hour of the time I arrived at the airport. I gained back some lost admiration for the folks there.

I checked in at ebay.com, and found to my delight that both auctions I'm running have bids. My auction of my electric football field CD, proceeds to benefit the tsunami folks has garnered a bid of ten dollars. My auction of a Soltis chess book about the 1...g6 opening system, proceeds to benefit the modestneeds.org group pointed out by theodicy already has a bid of six dollars. I like this idea of auctioning for charity.

I realize that I have tons of chess books about systems I don't play. I plan to auction them all off, some for myself, and some for charity. Then I'll buy the many fewer books about systems I actually do play. This is not only an exercise in de-clutter,but also in focusing my chess on my strengths. I need the Colle/London/Stonewall book, and more good books on the Slav and Caro-Kann. I don't need incredibly intricate books on King's Indian systems I can't play. I wish I knew of a good book on the Geller Slow System. I am not well-booked on this.

My copy of the "Dead Texan" arrived, after I ordered it from a link graciously provided by Mr. Asphalt Eden. Tomorrow I will have drive time ambient mime sublime.

It sounds like my trip east will fall just after one snow and just before another. I hope I am that fortunate. I leave Texas just as warm weather sets in, and return after the cool returns, so karma or inauguration or auguring or something.

Tonight I formatted a poetry chapbook for entry in a poetry competition. I've never done competitions before, always doing simple individual submissions. If I don't win--and I doubt that I would win--maybe I'll just print it up myself.