December 22nd, 2004

abstract butterfly

The hardest part is to list

My Christmas problem this year is in the making of a Christmas list. I'm able to come up with a few things of a practical sort to request--a sport coat, ties, the usual suspects. But to me, those are not really Christmas, any more than buying furniture or an appliance for my spouse would qualify as an anniversary gift.

But now it's the ninth shopping inning, and I've still not been able to come up with the ideal gift for which to wish. I've reached the point in which I have enough things. I've acquired a number of fun things this year already--a mountain dulcimer, an omnichord, and a cheap 4 track.

I've made some false starts. Originally, I thought of a huge aquarium stand, because I have this used 45 gallon tank I bought. But I think that I'm better off giving the tank away, and focusing on a smaller tank of which I can take easier and theoretically better care. I thought of a pair of super-powerful binoculars, but I have been given binoculars before.

That's the thing with asking for something. What is it that would cause me delight? What material thing will be like finding the ideal item in the Sears Roebuck catalog, and putting it atop a list? I must decide that today, as it seems to me to be rude to ask for nothing--yet another affectation.

I must make a list, and check it twice.